Chronic back pain is the term referred to the problem or kind of back pain that one faces for a long time than expected and becomes unbearable in nature. It becomes difficult to determine the cause of the pain as it varies from person to person and the exact root problem of the pain is unrecognizable.

Chronic back pain is generally associated to be with the emotional and mental health of a person. It becomes a hindrance in performing daily day to day activities and disturbs the daily routine which makes the body immobile and less functional or even a loss of organ or body part could happen if the symptoms are too severe.

Back pain or lower back pain has become very common nowadays like the flu, cold, and fever and most of the people suffer from it at least once in their lifetime.

Back pain can be measured as acute, dull, achy, severe, chronic, short-term and long-term. Severe, long-term and chronic back pain is the one that seeks expert advice and guidance for lower back pain treatment.

Back solutions clinic has been the best in diagnosing the different causes of the back pain and also their treatment with effective means of non-surgical methods.  The experts there perform a thorough physical and medical examination by doing various kinds of tests such as blood tests, MRIs, CT scans, Ultrasound etc and a detailed medical history of the patient is studied to determine the exact problem area of the pain region.

Mental and emotional health check is very important in terms of treating chronic back pain as we are stressed mentally than it triggers the pain areas to become worse and severe in nature. A mentally stable, positive and happy person is able to recover fast than that of the depressed or stressed soul. The various causes of back pain are:

  • Arthritis and spondylosis.
  • Sciatica and piriformis syndrome.
  • Muscle spasms and strains.
  • Nerve disorders.
  • The compressed or pinched nerve.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Being overweight or Obesity.
  • Lack of physical movement or exercise.
  • Smoking and being alcoholic.
  • Emotional stress and depression.
  • Injury, accident or sudden trauma.
  • Ligament tear or damage.
  • Nerve disorders.
  • Slipped disc.
  • Bad posture while sitting, standing and bending.
  • Lifting heavy weight objects with a jerk.
  • Strenuous jobs like long-standing and sitting working hours. Etc.

Chronic back pain limits us up to so many things which create imbalance and disturbance in life. Various non-surgical treatments include back massage, ice and heat therapy, medications, physical therapy, exercises etc. The other limitations other than emotional, mental and physical limitations are:

  • Reduced social life – The pain does not allow a person to be socially active in parties, get-togethers etc and puts a stop on outings with family and recreational activity.
  • Work limits – Pain makes one take off from work and have bed rest.
  • Depression – It is the main symptom that is felt due to pain is depression. As there is a discomfort feeling all the time, mood swings, fatigue, sleep problems, etc are felt in this which causes depression.
  • House works – Even doing day to day activities and house works have become a hindrance in performing.
  • Less work less pay – Less amount of works leads to less pay to the person which makes him or her more stressed and causes mental depression, etc.