Booking luxury villas for vacation trips is one of the new trends that are fast gaining popularity with holidaymakers all around the world, especially those planning holiday seasons on beaches, Islands or in hilly localities.

Renting for the best villas can be quite steep and, while that may well not make a lot of a notable difference to the super-rich, they can burn a hole in the pocket for most of us.

Hotels vs. Luxury Villas

– Privacy: If privacy is on top of your top priority list and you simply are ready to pay reduced for it, selecting a luxury villa is the perfect choice as possible enjoy only a whole lot privacy if you are booked into a hotel. Your investment common areas; even in your room there will be intrusions from housekeeping personnel when you least want them! You can also book exclusive private villa to enjoy the vacation.

– Space: Luxury villas have far more space than a huge hotel room or perhaps a suite. If you're going with family or friends, and need space for a few fun times along, taking a villa may be the best choice.

– Beachfront: If you're holidaying on an island or will be near to the sea, finding a beachfront villa makes a whole lot of sense as it offers you 24 hour usage of the beach and a possibility to laze around and get some good sun, not forgetting to enjoy the tones and places of sea and waves in the mornings and past due evenings. You can also click here to get more information regarding luxury villa.

– Services: An luxury hotel scores far more in conditions of services provided, like clean rooms and bathrooms, laundry, pick out ups and drop offs to and from the airport, organized sightseeing vacations through the travel table, 24 hour room service, broadband internet, baby relaxing services and a bunch of other services which might or might not exactly be accessible when you work with a luxury villa.

– Safety: Protection can be considered a matter when you seek the services of a villa rather than a hotel as villas are usually located from the congested city areas to be able to make sure your privacy. 

There is no greater pleasure for many who love the sun, sand and the crystal clear water than to really have the beach touching the gate of the villa. Villa Melissa, which doesn't impose more than 2,200 USD at any point of the year, is one such example case of luxury villa renting in Bali that brings the ocean into the home and transfers you to another haven than what you are used to.

Tropical Beachfront France Architecture

Gifted designers from France like Charles Pelletier and GaelleEchene have given a fresh mixture and face to the blissful luxury and private villas in Bali. The effect is the sprawling luxury mingled with the cosmetic vistas that are difficult to find elsewhere.

The Villa Melissa, for example, commences at the beach and there is little or nothing obstructing your view of the sea except the horizon itself. This exotic luxury villa spans over 800 squares meters with air conditioned two times bedrooms beautifully outfitted with all 3, ruler, queen and prince sized beds. To enjoy your holidays in Bali in luxury villa, you can also navigate

Functionally divided areas

The living room of Villa Melissa is a bit more wide open with a mezzanine that enables you to enjoy theater with a higher definition music system. 3 of the 5 sleeping rooms have scenic sea views as the dining area has lovely French doors.