The meals that military members are given to eat when they are out in the field are known as Meals, Ready-To-Eat. Commonly referred to as MREs, these meals are designed to provide a lot of nutrition and a decent number of calories in order to give soldiers the energy that they need. As you might guess from their name, these meals can be eaten as-is without any need for preparation. All that soldiers have to do is tear open the packaging and eat them without having to worry about heating them up first.

There is, however, an option to enjoy a hot meal since each MRE comes with a special flameless heater. When a soldier adds a small amount of water to the heater, a chemical reaction takes place that creates heat. This heat can then be used to warm up the meal, enabling military personnel to enjoy a hot meal even if they can't build a fire or don't have access to an electrical outlet.

military MREs

Although these meals were originally designed for soldiers, they are used for a variety of other applications as well. Here are some of the most popular uses for MRE meals:

1. Camping. There is nothing quite like getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature. Whether you head to a developed campground or go somewhere a little bit more off the beaten path, MREs can be a convenient meal option. Instead of having to worry about cooking them over a campfire, you can either eat them cold or heat them up using their special flameless heater. 

This can be an especially good option during fire season. Oftentimes, when the fire danger gets too high, campgrounds will put a temporary ban on campfires. That can make it extremely difficult to prepare meals while you are camping. If you bring some MREs along with you, however, meal preparation becomes a lot easier. You don't have to stick to cold food. Instead, you can enjoy a hot, delicious meal without the need for a campfire.

2. Hiking or Backpacking. Hikers and backpackers also can benefit from the use of MREs, such as one from XMRE. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a good option for long hikes where it is important to keep your backpack as lightweight as possible. They also provide a large number of calories. After hiking all day, it is really beneficial to eat a nutrient-dense meal that is relatively high in calories to replace all of the calories that you burned during your hike.

Another advantage of taking these meals with you when you are hiking is that you don't need to build a fire to cook them. This can eliminate the need to spend time finding firewood and waiting for a fire to get going after a long day on the trail. Instead, you can just cook your meal and relax, preparing yourself for the following day.

3. Emergency preparedness. MREs are also a great choice for putting together an emergency survival kit. Preparing for a natural disaster or any other type of survival situation is extremely important. Most people stock in canned food and other nonperishable items for emergencies. MREs are a better option, however, for a number of different reasons.

For one thing, they can be opened without the need for a can opener. They can also be heated up without using any electricity. This is important since power is often cut off for long periods of time during natural disasters and other emergency situations.

The meals themselves can also be stored for up to five years before they spoil. That means that you don't have to worry about your emergency supplies going bad once you have your kit put together.

Originally designed for soldiers, MRE meals have also become popular for many other activities. From camping, hiking, and backpacking to survival situations, being able to enjoy a hot meal that is nutritionally balanced without the need for electricity or a fire can be extremely beneficial. If you enjoy the outdoors or if you are putting together an emergency survival kit, it is definitely worth investing in some of these meals. Not only are they nutritionally sound and convenient to cook but they are also quite tasty, making them a great choice for just about any situation.