What seems to be the next phase for Indian paintings?

Looking at the interest generated by Indian paintings, more and more people are learning about the art and culture that has been represented by a growing number of people. Compounding the problems of Indian painters is the fact that they do not have the necessary platform that will be able to showcase the very beauty that they portray on canvas. With that in mind, if people need inspiration, they have got to look into Thota Vaikuntam paintings. This is by far one of the best things that can be done in order to enjoy the beauty that paintings have been able to bring to the scene.

In contrast to all the other needs and necessities of the Indian painters, one has got to realize that there is definitely a focal point of understanding that people would need to look at in terms of understanding Indian painting scenario. It has been a very neglected industry, but times are changing. There are a lot of painters that has been able to draw inspiration from the Thota Vaikuntam paintings, and it is definitely for the better of the country as well. Indian paintings are here to bring about the appropriate change, and it should be treated as such.