What is a Line Sheet and Why You Need One?

Line sheets aren’t only for those in fashion. Product-based businesses, like jewelry store owners or even, electronics or kids toys, etc can benefit hugely from line sheets.

Line sheets don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, nor do they require you to lose your mind. In fact, as you’ll see, you can easily create a line sheet on your laptop, using a free word processing software, like Word or Pages. You can also mail us at sales@brandboom.com to get the more details about the line sheet and its benefits.

Line sheets are not huge magazine-style catalogs. In fact, there’s a reason they’re called line “sheets”.

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The purpose of a line sheet is to give all the information that a buyer or retailer may need in order to make a decision, quickly.

Line sheets are great sales-boosting tools since they give interested, and often busy, retailers all the information that they’re looking for at one glance. They’re great to handout at trade shows and also when you visit retail stores in person.

A well-styled line sheet also gives your brand the professional touch it needs to stand out in a market that can get crowded.

On a line sheet, your product photo is accompanied by the name of the product, its price, size and item ID or number. But we’ll take a more in-depth look at all the elements of a line sheet that can stand out and help you increase sales with ease.