Discount Party Supplies Online for our Triplet’s First Birthday

Giving birth to twins can change your life for sure; it is double the joy and most certainly double the work. When we found out we were having twins, we were absolutely ecstatic and completely petrified. This was our first pregnancy; we had no idea how it would be to take care of one child, let alone two. So imagine our surprise when into my second trimester, we were told that we were not having twins – we were having triplets. Apparently, baby number three was “hiding” behind one of its siblings and had only now made a surprise appearance. My husband and I were out of our minds with terror. But we also couldn’t wait to meet our children.

Those three babies – the ones that changed our life completely – are going to be three this summer. Our son and two daughters have been a blessing beyond anything we could imagine and we know how incredibly lucky we are that they were born so healthy and have thrived so strongly. Birthdays for any child are a big deal; but for our family, they are a huge deal because multiple births can be so perilous. And so, every year we celebrate in the biggest way possible and this year will be no exception.

Of course, having three children at the same time poses financial challenges and hosting large birthday parties can certainly compound those challenges. Imagine the obstacles faced when you are buying birthday party supplies for three birthday parties at once. And so I have used the Internet to my benefit as much as possible when finding discount party supplies online that look great and still make our budget.

I found this great website that has met all of our needs on this front – price and variety. I found the luau party supplies that will help turn our backyard into an island adventure this coming summer when we celebrate the lives of these three precious people.